14 Feb 2010

Past, present and future transport

A hundred years ago, most people travelled on foot, by train, or on horseback. Railways had made it possible to travel rapidly over long distances.

Bicycles were also becoming popular, after the invention of the air-filled tyre, which made cycling a lot more confortable buses, trams and underground railyways had already been invented, and cities all over the world already had traffic jams. There were very few private cars, and city streets were still full of horses.

What a difference a hundred years have made! Presently we have got used to the problem of private cars, and some cities are so noisy and polluted that in many places vehicles have been banned from the city centre.

How will we be travellin in a hundred year's time? Perhaps by then there
will be only personal helicopters. There may be no need to commute to work or school in the future, since everyone will have a computer at home. There might even be more people walking and horse-riding, for pleasure and exercise.


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